TikTok rolls out text posts in Canada

Users can now share content through photo, video, or text

TikTok users now have a new format to create content on the popular app, adding to Duets, Stitch, and other tools.

Text posts allow creators to share everything from stories to lyrics on the platform. TikTok says its new feature makes it easier than ever before to share written content.

To use it, select the camera page. Users will be given three options to choose from: photo, video, and text. Select text to create written content. Users will be able to pick sound, location, and other customizable options when they reach the post page.

“We’re excited to see what our community will create with text posts, a new way to express and share your creativity on TikTok,” the company wrote in a blog post detailing the new feature.

Image credit: TikTok

Source: TikTok