Apple is chasing LG and Samsung for a bezel-less iPhone display

It is unclear when a completely bezel-less iPhone might hit the market

Future iPhones may be completely bezel-less with edge-to-edge displays.

The information comes from TheElec, via AppleInsider, and it states that Apple has asked suppliers, including Samsung Display and LG Display, to develop a version of the OLED display that eliminates the need for any front bezels, creating an edge-to-edge screen experience.

According to the report, for Samsung and LG display departments to fulfill Apple’s request, they’ll need to improve the thin-film encapsulation (TFE) and under-panel camera (UPC) technologies and secure antenna space. “It is still a technology that requires time to apply to mass production,” wrote the publication.

TFE is a process that protects the OLED panel from moisture and oxygen, while UPC is a technology that hides the camera and other components under the display.

Further, Apple wants the bezel-less display to be flat, and not curved. According to the report, Apple rejected curved bezel-less OLEDs, like the ones used in Samsung’s Galaxy S series devices, because it causes an optical ‘magnifying glass effect’ on the edges of the display. Curved panels are also vulnerable to breaking from external shocks.

It is unclear when a completely bezel-less iPhone might hit the market. Read the full report here.

Source: TheElec, via AppleInsider