Koodo offering some customers $10/mo 50GB, $15/mo 100GB data add-ons

Look out for a text message from Koodo about the 'Data Days' promotion

Koodo logo on a smartphone.

Telus-owned Koodo is running a ‘Data Days’ promotion until July 25th, offering customers discounts on 50GB and 100GB data add-ons.

According to details shared on RedFlagDeals (RFD), the provider texted customers about the promotion, writing that customers “can get HUGE monthly bonus data added to [their] plan for our lowest price ever.”

Koodo Data Days promotion | Image credit: RFD

Customers can either get 50GB of additional monthly data for $10/mo or 100GB for $15/mo. To get the offer, customers can reply to the text message with ‘FLASH50’ or ‘FLASH100,’ respectively.

However, the add-ons will go away if customers change their plans after.

Overall, it seems like your mileage may vary with this offer. If you got the text and need the data, this could be a cheaper way of getting more data than switching plans.

Source: RFD