People now love Apple Maps, WSJ declares

But is it the best option out there?

Apple Maps debuted back in 2012, but it took Apple 11 years to get it right.

According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has turned things around from “hot-mess territory” that brought considerable issues with the app.

As Apple Insider reminds us, things were so bad it even led Apple CEO Tim Cook to offer an apology.

“Some users are finding reasons to switch to Apple Maps, including its clear public directions and visually appealing design,” the article states of the app.

But more work is still needed as Apple has been slow to roll out important features. Take offline support, for example. Apple will release the feature with iOS 17 later this year, a tool that is already available through Google Maps.

Apple has been taking specific steps to improve the experience for Canadians. Back in May, the company announced its employees will be in major cities to “build the best digital map for Canada.”

Source: Wall Street Journal Via: Apple Insider