Apple Maps will finally receive offline support with iOS 17

Letting you download your trip ahead of time in case you lose an internet connection

Apple Maps users rejoice. Soon, the ability to use the app offline, with access to turn-by-turn navigation, will be supported.

As WWDC 2023 week continues, it’s now being reported that a long-requested Apple Maps feature is on its way. When iOS 17 is fully available later this year, users will be able to download portions of a map for offline access.

Similar to Google Maps’ offline functionality, users will be able to download chunks of a map from Apple Maps ahead of an excursion. This offline mode will be able to support directions for walking, cycling, driving, and public transportation.

Additionally, Apple Maps’ offline support includes the ability to see nearby places and the user’s estimated time of arrival.

This feature has been widely requested by Apple Maps users. In the event that a user enters an area without service or network coverage drops, support can still be granted if downloaded ahead of time.

Of course, Apple Maps won’t download the data automatically. Thus, if you unexpectedly lose signal, you’ll still be without directions. However, users can download the data ahead of a trip just in case.

Apple Maps’ offline functionality won’t be available until the wide release of iOS 17. Historically, Apple withholds the worldwide launch of its new flagship software until the release of the new iPhone. It’s widely assumed that Apple will once again launch both sometime around September.

In May, Apple revealed that its Maps teams are hitting Canadian streets. In cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary, Apple Maps teams are surveying the area to map out roads to improve navigation.

Stay tuned for more news coming out of WWDC 2023.

Source: The Verge