YouTube is reportedly testing out a ‘Stable Volume’ normalizer

It's not clear if and when the feature will be widely rolled out

You might have realized that when you switch from one video to another on YouTube that the volume levels between the two sometimes vary. One video could be quiet, while the other can be pretty loud, even though the volume on your device remains unchanged.

Now, however, the Google-owned video streaming application is reportedly working on a ‘Stable Volume’ feature that aims to help you avoid sudden changes in volume between videos.

As shared by user @iTechAndroid on Twitter, a new ‘Stable Volume’ feature appears when you press the gear setting icon on a video. There’s no official word from YouTube about it testing the feature, so we aren’t certain what it does.

That said, users are guessing that it will likely even out and balance the audio to prevent big jumps in volume between videos and parts of videos.

The feature seems to be available for very few users and hasn’t been shared widely. It doesn’t seem to be available in Canada yet.

It sounds useful for regular videos, where the audio volume change might disturb or startle users. On the other hand, for music videos, it would be ideal to have the feature off to be able to hear the music the way the artist intended it. It’s unclear if and when the feature will be widely rolled out.

In other YouTube news, the company is testing out blocking ad-blockers.

Image credit: YouTube

Via: Android Police