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Introducing MobileSyrup’s revamped newsletter, Antenna

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Today, MobileSyrup launched the first edition of its revamped newsletter, Antenna, and we can’t wait for you to check it out.

Antenna builds on our existing newsletter with a refreshed look and helpful, bite-sized information. The weekly newsletter will bring the best of MobileSyrup and the top Canadian tech news straight to your inbox. Whether you want to know about the latest carrier shenanigans or check out which cool new shows are dropping on Netflix, Antenna is the place to be. And it’s all curated by yours truly.

If you’re already subscribed to MobileSyrup’s newsletter, great! You don’t need to do anything — Antenna will show up in your inbox every Friday, just like before. If you’re not subscribed, though, you can sign up for Antenna here.

Want to sample Antenna before you sign up? Check out our latest issue below (or click here to open in another tab):