Chatr offering 5GB of bonus data on 3G, 4G plans

The offer ends on July 17th

Chatr logo on an iPhone

Chatr is offering new activations 5GB of bonus data for eight months.

The offer is available for 3G and 4G plans starting at $35/month.

Users can activate the bonus with the following 3G data, talk and text plans:

  • $50/month 10GB
  • $40/month 5GB
  • $35 a month 2.5GB

The bonus is also available under the following 4G plans:

  • $75/month 20GB
  • $65/month 15GB
  • $55/month 10GB
  • $45/month 5GB
  • $40/month 2.5GB
  • $35/month 1GB

The offer also requires users to sign up for auto-pay. The deal expires on July 17th. More details are available on Chatr’s website.