Fitbit Charge 5 owners report bricked wearables after update

Google's first Fitbit 'feature drop' isn't going well

Fitbit Charge 5 on wrist

Google pleasantly surprised us with a ‘feature drop’ for Fitbit wearables in June. However, it seems the update is anything but pleasant for some — several users have reported issues with the update bricking their fitness tracker.

A handful of posts emerged on the Fitbit Community forum from users who reported their Charge 5 screen turned black and didn’t come back on after installing the ‘194.61 update.’ Others reported issues with excessive battery drain before eventually getting the blank screen issue as well.

Frustratingly, there’s no official way to pause the update as the Fitbit app downloads and installs it automatically.

In a statement to Android Authority, Fitbit said:

We’re aware that a small number of Charge 5 users are experiencing problems with their devices. We’re currently investigating and will update users when we’ve identified the issue. In the meantime, users should contact Fitbit Customer Service at help.fitbit.com to help troubleshoot the issue.

However, Android Authority also reported that Fitbit’s customer support is offering some people a 35 percent discount on a new device, but only for those who have a Charge 5 covered by warranty.

Source: Fitbit Community forums, (2) Via: Android Authority