Xbox’s newest feature allows users to capture, report inappropriate in-game voice chats

The feature is coming first to Xbox Insider users

Xbox New Voice Reporting

Xbox is releasing a new platform-wide feature that gives users a way to report inappropriate voice messages they come across in-game.

Xbox Insiders‘ new voice reporting feature was introduced as a further measure to protect users in areas where they may be communicating with other players that they are not friends with. Players can now report all facets of content on the network including text, image, video and voice.

The feature operates by allowing Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users to capture video clips of up to one minute of in-game voice incidents that violate the company’s Community Standards. The clips will be submitted for review to the Xbox Safety Team and users will be notified if any actions were taken on the report.

Players will be able to initiate a report while in-game and capture the desired audio they wish to report without having to leave the game completely. Captured clips will live on users’ consoles for 24 online hours, allowing them to either submit immediately or wait until a specific time.

Xbox will even notify players if they haven’t completed their saved report within the time period. Non-submitted reports will be deleted from the player’s console.

The upcoming feature will first launch on the Xbox Insiders program before becoming widely available to the console player base in English-language-speaking markets (US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.)

Image credit: Xbox