Android 14 Beta 4 lets you skip ‘enter’ after typing your PIN

This feature is less safe and requires at least a six-digit PIN

Google launched the Android 14 Beta 4 yesterday, and with it comes several new features. Beta 4 users have discovered a user-accessible ‘auto-confirm unlock’ toggle with yesterday’s update. Android researcher Mishaal Rahman spotted this feature.

According to Rahman, the feature unlocks your phone when you enter your PIN correctly without the need to press enter. You’ll need at least a six-digit PIN to enable this feature.

Android warns that this is less secure than having to tap the ‘enter’ arrow, and there are a few reasons for this, as pointed out by Android PoliceOne of the reasons is if someone is trying to break into your phone, having to press enter keeps them from knowing your PIN’s length. Without knowing your PIN’s length, someone could try out a number of four-digit PINs and never get it right because you have a six-digit PIN.

If you are confident that your PIN can’t be discovered and you’re running the Android 14 Beta, you can now enable this feature.

Source: Android Police, @MishaalRahman