Rainbow Six: Siege player sentenced for swatting Ubisoft Montreal

Upon being charged, the man simply asked for Ubisoft to unban his account

Ubisoft logo on a building

Rainbow Six: Siege gamer has been sentenced for making a false emergency call at Ubisoft Montreal’s offices.

In November 2020, the game’s Canadian developer received a fake phone call claiming that multiple employees were being held hostage at the studio, leading heavily armed Montreal officers to swarm the building. Police soon confirmed that the call was a hoax — a practice also known as “swatting.”

Now, 22-year-old French citizen Yanni Ouahioune has been sentenced to three years of community service over the crime. Per The Montreal Gazette, he’ll also be required to “compensate victims, undergo treatment for a mental health problem and either work or undergo training.”

Per The Montreal Gazette, Ouahioune made the call from his parents’ house using Russian servers to mask his identity. Ouahioune, a known Rainbow Six player, had previously been linked to this incident after being banned from the game more than 80 times. He is said to have swatted Ubisoft Montreal on two separate occasions. Ouahioune is also alleged to have made threats against Minecraft developers and taken part in a DDoS attack against the French government.

Upon being charged in the Ubisoft incident, though, Ouahioune simply asked for Ubisoft to unban his account. “I have put over $1,500 in cosmetic enhancements in my profile,” he said.

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Source: The Montreal Gazette