Telus, Koodo gain support for iPhone’s eSIM Quick Transfer feature

Quick Transfer makes it easier to move a physical SIM to an eSIM by skipping the need to contact your carrier

Telus and its flanker brand Koodo now support the iPhone’s ‘eSIM Quick Transfer‘ feature.

As spotted by iPhone in Canada, eSIM-compatible iPhones on iOS 16.4 or later can now use eSIM Quick Transfer to move their physical SIM card to an eSIM directly on their phone without the need to contact Telus. Per a Telus support page, users can do this by heading to Settings > Set Up Cellular > Phone Number Approve Transfer Request.

Moreover, Quick Transfer will let users transfer their phone number from an existing physical SIM card or an eSIM on a previous iPhone to a new iPhone.

So far it just seems to be Telus and Koodo supporting the feature. Rogers, Bell and their respective flanker brands don’t appear to support Quick Transfer yet.

Hopefully that changes soon. MobileSyrup’s head of creative, Brad Bennett, detailed his experience using an eSIM with Rogers earlier this year, and it wasn’t great.

Source: Telus Via: iPhone in Canada