Rogers is letting go of employees post Shaw merger

It's unclear how many employees will be impacted

Rogers has laid off multiple employees more than two months after it completed its $26-billion merger with Shaw.

Law firm Samfiru Tumarkin LLP says the telecom giant let go of “multiple employees on June 22nd due to restructuring.” Employees who once worked under the Shaw brand also received pink slips “around the week of June 26th,” the firm’s website states.

Rogers confirmed to The Globe that a “small percentage” of employees had been impacted. However, the company says it has also hired in excess of 2,000 employees.

“Since coming together with Shaw, we’ve been looking at the structure of the combined company and identified some overlap in corporate roles,” a spokesperson told the publication.

“While we always try to find other roles for our people, a small percentage of our employees have left the company. As we continue to integrate with Shaw, we’ll thoughtfully minimize duplicate roles and hire staff to support our customers and build our networks.”

It’s unclear what number a “small percentage” equates to.

However, as The Globe points out, Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri previously stated the company would remove some duplicate positions.

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Source: Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, The Globe