Razer launches the new Cobra Pro gaming mouse for $179.99

The company says it picked all the best aspects of its older mice and added them to the Cobra Pro

Razer launched an all-new Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse that checks all the boxes.

According to the company, it picked all the best aspects of its older mice and added them to the Cobra Pro.

The Razer Cobra Pro is a small, lightweight, wireless mouse that is highly customizable, offers several connectivity options and has up-to-date technology to give its users an edge in gaming.

It features the company’s Focus Pro 30K optical sensors which deliver a maximum sensitivity of 30,000 DPI. It also boasts ten programmable buttons and 11-zone RGB lighting that can be customized with Razer Synapse. The RGB lights on the mouse are Chroma-enabled, which means you can sync them with other Razer peripherals or devices that you may have.

The mouse also has a neat power-saving feature that dims the RGB lights whenever the mouse is in use in your hands. When left idle for three seconds, the RGB lights come back on.

One of the most impressive features of the Razer Cobra Pro is its three connection modes: HyperSpeed Wireless, Bluetooth, and Wired via USB Type C. Via the HyperSpeed Wireless mode, the mouse can achieve a 4,000Hz polling rate, which means the mouse will communicate its position to your computer 4,000 times per second to allow for precise gunplay in games. Bluetooth mode, on the other hand, offers a more energy-efficient connection, with a battery life of up to 170 hours on a single charge.

The Razer Cobra Pro is now available to order in Canada for $179.99. It is also available as a Wireless Charging Puck bundle, a HyperPolling Wireless Dongle bundle and a Mouse Dock Pro Bundle. 

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the Cobra Pro dropping on MobileSyrup next week.

Image credit: Razer

Source: Razer