Telus investing $22.4 million in Toronto

The funding will target infrastructure, operations and spectrum

Telus logo

Toronto is one of several Ontario cities that will benefit through Telus’ $28 billion investment in the province.

The Vancouver-based telecom company will invest the funds towards infrastructure, operations, and spectrum through 2027.

Toronto will benefit from $22.4 million of this funding, building on the company’s ongoing investments in the city. Since 2000, Telus and its team have donated $90 million through cash and contributions for programs benefiting the city and its residents.

Telus will also invest $30.2 million in Ottawa and $13.5 million in Windsor.

Telus is making similar investments in Québec, Alberta, and B.C.

Updated June 23rd, 2023, 1:09pm ET: The article has been updated to include additional details of Telus’ Ontario investment.

Source: Telus