Meta says it will end news availability on Facebook and Instagram in Canada

The company is continuing tests to find 'an effective product solution'

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Meta says it will soon stop Canadians from accessing news content on Facebook and Instagram following the passing of Bill C-18.

Known as the Online News Act, it requires organizations like Meta and Google to pay Canadian publishers to access their news content.

In a post on its website, the company said it would end availability before the act takes effect.

Canadian Heritage says it will publish draft regulations and accept comments on the matter. “[The act] levels the playing field by putting the power of big tech in check and ensuring that even our smallest news business can benefit through this regime and receive fair compensation for their work,” Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, said.

Meta has long stated it will end news access on its platforms if the bill becomes law.

The company started to conduct tests earlier this month that blocked some Canadians from accessing news on Facebook and Instagram.

Meta says these ongoing tests will help create “an effective product solution.”

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Source: Meta, Canadian Heritage