Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game to release as an Xbox, PC exclusive

The game will arrive as a Microsoft exclusive via Xbox Game Pass

Bethesda Indiana Jones game teaser

Bethesda’s head of global publishing, Pete Hines, has confirmed the Microsoft exclusivity of its upcoming Indiana Jones game. Revealed during the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) v. Microsoft courtroom case, we now know that the title will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

The FTC council revealed that IP owner Disney previously had a contract for multiple console platforms, which was then amended upon Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft.

Justification for the shift towards Microsoft exclusivity was provided by Hines during witness testimony. A reduction in risk for the game developer and added schedule allowance were both cited as reasons for the change in plans.

Microsoft acquired Bethesda back in September of 2020, right on the heels of the Xbox Series X/S launch. In an attempt to bolster the Xbox platform’s exclusive title offerings, Microsoft has opted to buy third-party game publishers.

The tech giant is currently embroiled in an ongoing legal battle with regulators over its proposed $68.7 billion (roughly $90.43 billion CAD) acquisition of Activision Blizzard. News of Indiana Jones exclusivity is likely to be used as cannon fodder by Sony and other detractors, who fear franchises such as Call of Duty will disappear from competing ecosystems.

Details surrounding the upcoming Indiana Jones title are sparse. A release date has not yet been revealed, and all we currently have to go off of is a short teaser video from 2020.

Also revealed as part of the FTC v. Microsoft courtroom case, Sony says it will withhold PlayStation 6 information from Activision Blizzard if the Microsoft deal were to close.

Image credit: Bethesda (Screenshot)

Via: The Verge