Pixel Watches might soon sync Do Not Disturb, Bedtime mode with connected smartphones

A teardown of the Pixel Watch app revealed work on the feature

Google’s Pixel Watch has plenty of good going for it and a few issues as well, ranging from frustrating to minor annoyance. One in that latter category is that the smartwatch’s Bedtime and Do Not Disturb modes don’t currently sync with your phone.

Bedtime mode on the Pixel Watch disables certain wake functions like lift-to-wake and touch-to-wake to prevent the watch screen from illuminating at night, possibly disturbing people while they sleep. More than that, it also mutes vibrations for incoming notifications like Do No Disturb does.

The lack of sync for these features means that users need to manually enable them on their Pixel Watch. On the surface, it’s not a big deal, but it can be frustrating when your smartphone already has a scheduled Bedtime mode that you don’t have to think about. (I’ve forgotten to turn on Bedtime mode on my Pixel Watch several times because of this.)

According to 9to5Google’s recent teardown of the Pixel Watch app, Google is already working on an option to sync Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes between the Pixel Watch and the connected smartphone. According to a text description pulled from the APK files, it seems that enabling Do Not Disturb or Bedtime mode on one device will also apply the setting to the other device.

Moreover, the sync will be optional, so those who prefer to manage it separately can do so. These new settings will arrive as a part of a ‘Do Not Disturb & bedtime’ section in the Pixel Watch app, though that’s not available today.

As with any APK teardown like this, it’s important to take the information with a healthy dose of skepticism. Teardowns involve cracking open the APK and examining the code for clues about upcoming features and changes — sometimes, the code can be misinterpreted or features might not launch at all. This particular change seems pretty straightforward, but it remains to be seen if it launches.

Source: 9to5Google