Nintendo reveals Super Mario Wonder, a 2D platformer where Mario can become an elephant

A new 2D sidescrolling Mario game is on the way

Super Mario Bros. Wonder gameplay

At the end of its recent Direct, Nintendo revealed that a new Mario 2D platformer, Super Mario Wonder, is coming to the Switch.

The game seems to feature classic New Super Mario Bros.-like action with a few twists, most notably the new ‘Wonder Flower’ that changes the world around Mario in unique ways, including the ground moving, the entire environment turning into shadows or flowers talking (which seems very bizarre).

We also saw Mario turn into an elephant towards the end of the brief trailer, a first for the Mario series. It’s unclear what special powers elephant Mario has, but I imagine they’ll somehow be related to blowing water out of his trunk.

It also looks like four-player co-op is back again in Mario’s latest 2D outing.

And finally, it’s great to see Nintendo finally show some respect to Daisy, the one true princess of the Mario universe, by making her a playable character in the game.

Super Mario Wonder will release exclusively on the Switch on October 20th.

Image credit: Nintendo (Screenshot)