Hackers demand Reddit pay millions and reverse API changes if it wants to keep data private

Reddit faced a data breach in February

Reddit logo on a phone

Ransomware group BlackCat is threatening to release compromised data from Reddit if the company doesn’t meet its demands.

Back in February, a targeted phishing attack compromised the company’s internal workings, gaining access to documents and code, among other information.

BlackCat is now taking responsibility for the attack. The hackers say they have 80GB of compromised data and will release it unless Reddit pays them $4.5 million (roughly $5.9 million CAD) and reverse its API pricing changes.

The company is implementing a pricing platform for third-party companies to access its API. The move has caused some third-party developers to take their work offline. Thousands of subreddits also took part in a mass blackout as a form of protest.

BlackCat claims it emailed Reddit twice about its attack, but “there was no attempt to find out what we took.”

Source: DataBreaches.net