Valve refreshes the look of Steam, adds new features

Finally, I can launch games in style

If you use Valve’s Steam app to power much of your gaming — and if you game on PC, chances are you do — you also might have noticed it looks a little nicer recently.

That’s because the big overhaul Valve revealed back in April got a full, stable release on June 14th. The overhaul brings a fresh coat of paint to Steam, which has looked like an old app for years, minus a few minor design tweaks.

More than that, the overhaul unifies the codebase between Steam’s desktop, Big Picture Mode, and Steam Deck interfaces and introduces some new features. That includes a cloud notepad for taking quick notes — you can even pin it to your screen so you can see it while you’re playing a game, which will be a lifesaver next time I need to jot something down to solve a puzzle.

Steam’s in-game overlay also now has pinnable panels, and Valve revamped Steam’s web browser, screenshot manager and notifications tab. For Steam users not on Windows, the app now has hardware acceleration on Linux and Mac.

All told, the updates make for a nicer experience using Steam, something that will likely be welcomed by most of the PC gaming community that have relied on the app for years. Plus, with a unified code base, hopefully new updates and features will come to Steam much faster than before.

If you’re curious to learn more, you can check out Valve’s blog post about the changes here, or view the full change log here.

Images credit: Valve

Source: Valve Via: The Verge