What’s your favourite device colour of all time?

Doesn't everyone love 'Rose Gold?'

Companies often release their tablets, smartphones, laptops and more in a variety of colours to attract the attention of consumers. While black-coloured devices are typically the bestsellers, many like myself, prefer their tech devices in an array of different hues.

There’s LG’s Velvet ‘Sunset’ that offers a pink/orange hue, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ and its ‘Aura Glow,’ and most recently, the iPad Air (2022)’s new eye-catching ‘Purple.’ There are near countless other examples, including the Mate 30 Pro’s ‘Twilight’ colour, the iPhone 13 Pro’s new ‘Alpine Green,’ and of course, Apple’s classic ‘Rose Gold’ colour.

One of my favourite colourways is the HTC U12+’ Translucent Blue,’ which allows you to see the inside of the device but also offers a blue tint.

This week we’d like to know what your favourite tech device colour of all time is? Let us know in the comments below.