Telus letting 300 lucky people finance a Nintendo Switch

This is kind of weird right?


In a strange move, Telus is now allowing 300 people to finance a Nintendo Switch as part of their internet package. Yes, you read that right. You don’t get the Switch as a free add-on. You just get to pay for it slowly over the course of two years.

Before we get too far into this, I should mention that this is only available to people in B.C. or Alberta that can get Telus Fibre internet.

The cheapest Switch plan costs $117 per month and includes unlimited Gigabit internet and two years of Switch Online services. A regular Fibre internet plan costs $99 per month, so this means that over two years, you’ll pay around $408 for the Switch on top of the $2,400 you’ll send Telus for your internet.

Since this is the older Switch, not even the new OLED model, you could buy a comparative model for $379. The two years of Switch Online is a nice add-on, but in the real world, that only costs $50, so it’s not worth that much. To be blunt, I think this is a pretty terrible deal, and anyone could likely find a better deal on both a Switch and a home internet plan that’s not going to lock you into a two-year-long payment program.

Anyways, if for some reason you still want to go for this deal, you can sign up here.

Source: Telus