Tamagotchi’s new smartwatch is likely still better than Wear OS

Even if is just a Tamagotchi with a wrist strap

Somehow, the Tamagotchi brand is still taking the world by storm, and the newest “Tama-innovation” is a Tamagotchi and a smartwatch combined into one rather ugly device.

Unfortunately, it seems like Bandai put nearly no effort into the Tamagotchi smartwatch’s overall design. It quite literally looks like the company stuck a regular Tamagotchi to a watch strap and called it a day.

In terms of features, the new wearable includes voice controls and several additional characters. There’s also touch functionality that allows you to pet your virtual creature.

Beyond that, it seems like a pretty lacklustre new addition to the ever-expanding Tamagotchi line, especially when there are slightly more interesting devices out there like the Tamagotchi Pix. However, even in that case, the Pix’s built-in camera doesn’t really add much to the overall experience.

As of right now, this Tamagotchi-smartwatch combination device is only available through a special draw in Japan.

Source: Kotaku