Fido is offering the iPhone 11 Pro for $34.99/month

This is the 2019 version of the iPhone 11 Pro that comes with EarPods and a USB power adapter

If you want to purchase a relatively new iPhone but don’t want to pay the top price, Fido’s new offer is a great option.

Fido is offering a decent deal on the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro that comes with EarPods, a Lighting-to-USB Cable and a USB Power Adapter.

The handset’s full price is $1,625, which regularly costs $67.71 per month over two years, but with Fido’s new sale, you only pay $34.99 per month for 24 months.

But the iPhone 11 Pro is not the only smartphone with a lowered price. Check below for a list of devices that received a price cut:

There are a lot more smartphones currently on discount at Fido. Check the full sale here.

The sale deals can be claimed online or in-store though the latter will incur you a $45 service fee.

Source: Fido