What I learned after two weeks with the iPhone 12 MagSafe PopSockets

New tiny wallet, new me

Two weeks ago, I learned that PopSockets released two new MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12 series, and I had to try them. I’d never been a big fan of PopSockets, but the new magnetic ones piqued my interest.

Popsockets sent me four different models, including two MagSafe PopWallet+ and two MagSafe PopGrips. The PopGrip worked as expected. It stuck to my phone when I needed it to and it came off when I didn’t want it on the device anymore.

“The corny design of the PopWallet+ feels like the Crocs of small wallets, but I love it for that”

If you like PopGrips and you have an iPhone 12, I’d definitely recommend a MagSafe PopSockets accessory. Regarding how well it sticks and the positives Apple’s magnetic MagSafe technology adds to a PopSockets, read my take on the Wallet accessory below:

The MagSafe PopWallet+ changed my life

As I alluded to above, I’m not the biggest fan of traditional PopSockets that use adhesives. Having a handle permanently stuck to the back of my phone is a little too much for my taste and wouldn’t work for me since I often need to take pictures of my devices for work. That being said, the MagSafe addition has me doing a full flip on that stance.

The simple fact that you can remove and reattach MagSafe PopSockets products makes the experience of using one less permanent feeling. It enables the functionality of a PopGrip whenever I want to prop up my phone or hold it easily in one hand.

Following that, I can take it off and keep it in my pocket whenever I want to slim down my device.

That’s why the wallet version is so awesome. Since it can hold three cards, eliminating the need for a real wallet in most circumstances, it just leaves me with just a slim wallet, my keys, phone and mask to carry around — I’m loving the tiny wallet lifestyle.

I’ve seen thousands of ads for tiny wallets from companies like Ridge Wallet and Bellroy, but they never really appealed to me. Now that I’ve spent time with the micro footprint of the MagSafe PopWallet+, I’m totally sold. The corny design of the PopWallet+ feels like the Crocs of small wallets, but I love it for that. Plus, having a dual-purpose item like this appeals to my sense of value more than I thought it would.


If you’re looking for the MagSafe PopSockets products to be as solidly connected to your phone as traditional adhesive PopGrips, these won’t be for you. That said, the MagSafe connection works well enough for most people since you’ll need to shake it really aggressively to separate the PopSockets from the phone. Day-to-day, it’s solid enough, but I wouldn’t be super active while only holding onto the PopGrip.

The biggest issue with the wallet is that it costs a steep $48, but the design works well and the plastics and cloth materials feel high-quality. The small cutout at the bottom makes it easy to push your cards out as well.

You can buy either the MagSafe PopGrip or the MagSafe PopWallet+ on PopSpckets.com for $30 USD (roughly $36 CAD) and $40 USD (roughly $48 CAD), respectively.