Montreal Turo users can now rent a Porsche Taycan

$365 per day to rent a car is a lot of money

Turo and Porsche have partnered to let Montrealers rent the latter company’s electric Porsche Taycan sportscar.

Getting behind the wheel of the elusive electric vehicle costs a pricey $365 per day. While this is a lot of cash to rent a car, driving the Taycan is unlike anything else, and I often still think fondly about my demo time with the car. This car rental partnership will last until June 30th.

Turo is an app that allows anyone to list their vehicle for rent to help make cash on the side. The listings for the different Porsche Taycan models included in the rental program can be found here.

If I had to pick one version of the Porsche Taycan, I’d test drive the blue trim since I found that people got out of my way when I was driving it in the fast lane — likely because it looks the most like a flashy sports car. You can read my full story about the Porsche Taycan EV here.