Google adds docking stations to ‘Works with Chromebook’ program

Adding 14 ports to a Chromebook seems like a little overkill, but go off

Google has added a new form of hardware to the ‘Works with Chromebook’ program: docking stations.

These are multi-port hubs that sit on your desk and only require plugging in one cable to your laptop to access more ports and an external display. Think of these as large dongles that you leave on your desk at work at all times.

There are two types of docks in the program; larger models that support up to three external displays via HDMI, Display port or even USB-C and smaller docks that only support one external display over HDMI. The plus side of the smaller docks is that they’re more travel-friendly.

Alongside the program, hardware manufacturer Hyper has revealed a new 14-port ‘Large’ dock that it’s calling the ‘HyperDrive 14-port’ and a smaller five-port model called the ‘HyperDrive 5-port.’ According to Google’s blog post, Targus, Acer, Belkin, StarTech.com and more are developing docking stations for the Chromebook program.

Google says docks that are certified to work with Chromebooks will run automatic firmware updates alongside Chrome OS updates to stay secure over time. On top of that, the search giant says that the docks will also work with Mac and Windows devices.

Source: Google