Some Twitter users still having issues following Friday outage

Twitter's API status page notes an issue, but it's not clear if it's behind the ongoing problems

Twitter isn’t having a smooth weekend.

The social media network experienced a brief outage on April 16th. While things appeared to go back to normal, reports began coming in of more issues at 8am ET on the 17th. The first outage caused Twitter not to load for many along the east coast of Canada and the U.S. Others could load Twitter, but not post or send tweets.

Twitter’s Support account shared a post noting that it was looking into the issue. However, the outage didn’t last long.

As for the April 17th issue, it appears to be ongoing, although it has impacted fewer people. Downdetector.ca shows the outage spike on the 16th, followed by a slow uptick in reports on the 17th.

Twitter’s API status page includes a recent post explaining that the data team is “investigating a possible system irregularity currently affecting all Twitter API v2 endpoints.” However, it’s not clear yet if this is the problem behind users’ ongoing issues with the platform.

Regardless, if you’re having issues connecting to Twitter, keep an eye on the company’s status page for updates. Or, better yet, take some time to enjoy the calm of not having to deal with Twitter.

Update 04/17/2021 at 2:12pm: Twitter’s API status page indicates most of the endpoints should be functioning as intended. However, some people are still experiencing issues, so it’s possible the core issue has not yet been resolved.

Update: Corrected the dates from April 17/18th to April 16th/17th.

Source: Twitter Via: The Verge