Support pages for unannounced Surface Laptop 4 turn up on Microsoft website

These support pages could mean an announcement is just around the corner

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Two support pages for the Surface Laptop 4 have turned up on Microsoft’s website, another indication that the company could soon unveil the rumoured successor to the Surface Laptop 3.

Spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_), who often leaks Microsoft-related news, the two support pages cover Intel and AMD variants of the Surface Laptop 4. Both pages appear to be placeholders with details about downloading firmware and drivers for both hardware variants. Unfortunately, neither page confirms any details about the Laptop 4 except that it will come with either Intel or AMD hardware configurations.

WalkingCat also tweeted that there could be a Surface Event as soon as next week. If accurate, that could be where Microsoft announces the new Surface Laptop 4.

Although the support pages are low on details, a March report outlined some things to expect from the Surface Laptop 4. That included the specific processors — on the AMD side, Microsoft will once again opt for last-gen chips with the Ryzen 5 4680U and Ryzen 7 4980U options. While an upgrade over the Ryzen 3000 series chips featured in the Laptop 3, it’s disappointing the company may not go with the newer 5000 series AMD CPUs.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 support page screenshots

Screenshots of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Intel and AMD support pages

On the Intel side, the Surface Laptop 4 will reportedly use 11th Gen chips like the Core i5-1145G7 and the Core i7-1185G7. If accurate, it should be exciting — I recently tested a Lenovo ThinkPad with the i7-1180G7 and, while not the same one as what’s rumoured for the Laptop 4, the 1180 impressed me. Hopefully the 1185 will also prove impressive.

Beyond that, the Surface Laptop 4 will offer fairly standard configuration options. For example, it should have 8, 16 or 32GB RAM variants, 128, 256, 512GB or 1TB storage options and the 3:2 aspect ratio display should return on the Laptop 4.

Source: WalkingCat, (2) Via: The Verge