Google’s 2nd-gen Nest Hub is now available in Canada

The Nest Hub (2021) features 'Sleep Sensing' and better audio quality, but the same design as its predecessor

Nest Hub (2021)

Google’s Nest Hub (2021) with Soli-powered ‘Sleep Sensing’ and improved audio, is now available in Canada for $129.

The new smart display looks identical to its predecessor in nearly every way, including its 7-inch 1024 x 600 pixel resolution display, a fabric-covered speaker and sizable bezels.

Inside is really where all the new features are, including a faster processor that makes the device’s operating system run smoother and better audio quality that features more bass and a wider soundscape, along with being tuned to sound more like Google’s excellent sounding Nest Audio.

The key new feature is automatic sleep tracking that tells you when you went to bed, how long it took you to fall asleep and how restful your sleep was. Google says that its Soli technology powers this feature and that your sleep is tracked through a spectrogram and not actual video footage since the 2nd-gen Nest Hub doesn’t feature a built-in camera for privacy reasons.

Google’s motion tracking Soli technology has also been featured in its Pixel 4 Series and the new Nest Thermostat.

For more on the Nest Hub (2021), check out my review of the smart display.

The Nest Hub is available in a new blue colour Google calls ‘Mist’ as well as Chalk,’ ‘Charcoal,’ and ‘Sand.’ The 2nd-gen Nest Hub is available for $129 at several Canadian retailers, including the Best Buy, The Source and the Google Store.

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