Alphabet’s Project Wolverine will isolate a person’s voice in a crowd

The device is supposed to be able to isolate a person's voice in a crowded room

Alphabet’s X lab is working on a new project called ‘Wolverine’ that’s capable of isolating individual voices in a crowd.

First reported by Insider, which says it spoke to X lab employees, Alphabet’s mysterious moonshot division is reportedly trying to figure out how to isolate an individual voice in a crowded room to make it easier to focus on one person when there are multiple conversations going on simultaneously.

Insider says that the hearing accessory has been iterated on several times and includes models that cover the whole ear and others that protruded above the ear. The larger devices are bigger because of how many microphones are built into the wearable, says Insider.

However, now X lab company is trying to make Wolverine smaller and has started working with talent from Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo.

Alphabet’s X lab is reportedly not focusing on creating a single version of Wolverine or a sole case. It’s instead aiming to build a successful product based on different models, according to Insider.

Source: Insider Via: The Verge