Shaw launches ‘1.5 Gig’ internet plans for businesses in Western Canada

Business owners can get the plan bundled with Shaw's SmartWiFi enterprise solution

Shaw Mobile website

Shaw announced that it’s making its 1.5 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) internet plans available for businesses.

The telecom company has offered its ‘Fibre+ Gig’ plans for consumers in Western Canada for a while now, but the jump to businesses should help expand Shaw’s internet to more customers.

In a press release, Shaw noted that its 1.5 Gig would be available to businesses through two plans. The first is its ‘SmartWiFi Gig 1.5’ option, which pairs the high-speed internet offering with Shaw’s enterprise Wi-Fi hardware. The other option is the standalone ‘Business Internet Gig 1.5.’

Shaw says the new plans are great for businesses that use multiple connected devices, such as having multiple employees with laptops doing HD video calls. On top of that, Shaw said the download speeds are great for customers that frequently download and upload files to cloud storage.

The new business plans leverage Shaw’s existing Fibre+ network. Further, Shaw says that businesses can bundle the SmartWiFi solution with other Shaw Business offerings, like ‘SmartSecurity’ and ‘SmartSurveillance.’

“Over the past year, businesses have increased their demand for access to fast and reliable internet connections. Today, as many organizations start planning for a future that balances employees working from home with a return to physical offices, we know their need for faster speeds and more bandwidth will be greater than ever before,” said Katherine Emberly, president of business at Shaw.

Shaw also used its press release to tout the benefits of its Fibre+ internet over its main competitor, Telus. However, it’s worth noting that Telus sued Shaw over the Fibre+ internet advertisements last June, calling them misleading.

Shaw’s business internet plans and services are available on the company’s website.