ZTE unveils its under-display facial recognition technology at MWC Shanghai

It's unclear when ZTE will feature this tech in one of its smartphones

ZTE has shown off an under-display 3D structure light that the company says it will use to support its devices’ facial recognition capabilities.

The China-based company was the first smartphone manufacturer to make an under-display selfie camera. Now ZTE seems to have found a way to allow facial recognition data to pass through the in-screen camera, while still ensuring the display looks good when the camera isn’t being used.

According to Engadget China, ZTE compensates for light transmission loss through the device’s panel by increasing the projector’s pixel density, which allows the device to create a 3D map of the user’s face.

Further, to make sure the area of the display surrounding the camera still looks great, ZTE improved the pixel density in this section of the display from 200ppi to 400ppi and boosted the refresh rate to 120Hz.

ZTE says it worked with Shenzhen, China-based Guangjian Technology to create this new under-display facial recognition tech. The company even says that the system is secure enough to work with mobile payment authentication, and that it supports 3D modelling and augmented reality (AR) selfies.

It’s unclear when the tech will be implemented in ZTE’s actual devices, though there are rumours indicating the company will feature the tech in the Axon 30 Pro.

Source: Engadget China Via: Engadget