Huawei opening up its wearables ecosystem to third-party apps

The company's wearables will soon support third-party apps

Huawei has announced that it will open up its wearables ecosystem to third-party developers.

Although the Chinese company has faced trouble with its global smartphones sales due to U.S. sanctions, Huawei has grown its wearable offerings substantially.

One of the major criticisms that Huawei faces regarding its LiteOS-powered wearables is the fact that they lack third-party app support. This means that the devices only come with a limited number of apps.

Now that the company has opened up its LiteOS division to third-party apps, this could all change. Huawei has marked the move by adding the fitness app Fitify to the Watch GT 2 Pro.

“By making Fitify our debut third-party app for our wearable products we are sending a message to the many other high-quality app developers. Our wearables are becoming incredibly popular, and you can benefit by being part of the Huawei AppGallery and wearables ecosystem,” a spokesperson for Huawei told XDA Developers.

Further, the company is aiming to “provide one-stop, full-spectrum operational support for all app content providers, covering the entire cycle from ideation, development, and distribution through to operation and data analytics.”

Huawei has also created integration kits to help developers add their apps to Huawei’s wearable ecosystem.

Source: XDA Developers