Tesla axes ‘Standard Range’ Model Y in Canada

Who knows what's going on with this vehicle anymore


After a few weeks on Tesla’s website, the automaker has removed the option to purchase a ‘Standard Range’ Model Y crossover from its website.

The Standard Range trim went on sale in Canada and the U.S. in early January 2021, but now a short month and a half later, the company has pulled the $56,290 option.

This means anyone looking to buy a new Model Y now has to pony up at least $69,990 for the ‘Long Range’ trim.

It’s unclear why Tesla decided to remove the Standard Range Model Y from its website, but hopefully, the company will re-add it at some point in the future. Perhaps Tesla is also suffering from the global chip shortage, or the lower-range model wasn’t selling as well as the electric vehicle (EV) maker hoped.

Source: Tesla Via: Engadget