Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra ‘Silicon Cover with S Pen’ bundle costs $69

The case and S Pen start shipping on January 26th

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

When Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra was first announced, it was unclear exactly how much the smartphone’s ‘Silicone Cover with S Pen’ bundle would cost.

Though we still don’t have an official release date, the pair of accessories are currently on sale for $69 (the regular price is $99). While the package is available to pre-order now, it doesn’t start shipping until January 26th.

It also looks like the S Pen will be sold on its own without the case according to Samsung’s website. That said, pricing isn’t yet listed.

The S21 Ultra is the first Samsung S series smartphone to feature S Pen support. While using a stylus with the device works great, Bluetooth-powered functionality like ‘Air Gestures’ aren’t compatible. It’s also worth noting that while the S21 Ultra’s Silicon Cover looks fine, the S Pen compartment seems to add a substantial amount of bulk to the device’s one side. This could make the already larger smartphone even more difficult to hold with one hand.

It’s unclear what the S21 Ultra’s S Pen compatibility means for the future of Samsung’s Note line. With the S21 Ultra featuring S Pen support, there’s a possibility Samsung could have plans to kill off the Note, especially if the stylus is also coming to the Galaxy Fold 3.

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