Pebble’s founder launches Beeper to bring all your messages into one app

This app sounds like a dream come true if you're willing to pay its monthly fee

Beeper is a new app that looks to solve the problem of having too many messaging inboxes.

That means that when setup correctly, Beeper sources messages from Slack, iMessage, texts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord and eight other apps.

Through Beeper, you can effectively get iMessage on a Windows computer or an Android phone if you’re willing to use one of two workarounds. The easier method only works if the user also has a Mac that they’re fine with leaving on 24/7 to send your messages into beeper.

The other method involves Beeper sending you a jailbroken iPhone that I also assume needs to be left on at all times to forward your messages to the app. While this is a pretty genius solution for getting into Apple’s walled-garden that is iMessage, I’m hesitant to believe that the company won’t block it at some point in the future.

That said, if you use several messaging apps and need a single place to sort all of them, Beeper seems like the best option at the moment. It even allows users to reply to all their chats and sort through them, which sounds very handy.

The main catch with Beeper is that it costs $10 per month.

It’s also interesting that Canadian Eric Migicovsky, best known for founding smartwatch company Pebble, is listed as the app’s first team member. Pebble sold to Fitbit back in 2017 for roughly $23 million USD (about $29 million CAD). Then, just last year, Google purchased Fitbit for $2.1 billion USD (roughly $2.6 billion CAD).

Source: Beeper Via: 9to5mac