Google rolling out ‘Sunrise Alarms’ feature to Nest Hub smart displays

The new update is rolling out now

Nest Hub

Google is rolling out a new update that brings ‘Sunrise Alarms’ to its Nest Hub and select third-party Assistant smart displays.

First spotted by Android Police, the new feature allows you to use your smart display as a sunrise alarm, as its name entails. Once users create a new alarm and enable the setting, the smart display will mimic a sunrise and slowly brighten your room to wake you up.

The setting can be customized and users can choose how long they want the sunrise light effect to last and if you want it to be accompanied by a tone.

In addition to this new feature, the update also brings ‘Family Stick Notes.’ To add a new sticky note, users can tap the yellow card on the display or say: “Hey Google, add a family note.” The note appears on the ambient display and the main home screen so that your whole family can see them.

Lastly, the new update also brings a refreshed interface for creating alarms. The new layout gives users more control over their alarms, as you can customize things like the tone and snooze duration.

Android Police notes that the update should be available now to all users, but if you don’t see it yet, then it should be rolling out in the coming days.

Source: Android Police