Lil Nas X’s Roblox concert attracted 33 million views

Lil Nas X performed this past weekend in Roblox, a video game primarily aimed at children.

We’ve seen artists like Travis Scott and Marshmellow perform in Epic’s Battle Royale game Fortnite, but the ‘Old Town Road’ rapper decided to turn to Roblox for his first virtual concert appearance.

Lil Nas X’s concert gained more than 33 million views across his four performances over the weekend. The rapper started on Saturday afternoon and wrapped up with a surprise encore performance on Sunday

The shows offered a motion-captured version of Lil Nas X. The in-game Roblox world also changed depending on the four songs he performed.

While Lil Nas X didn’t attract the same views as Travis Scott, who had more than 45.8 million views across five shows, his viewership is nothing to scoff at. It’s also worth considering that Fortnite is a more popular game than Roblox.

Epic reported that Scott’s show attracted 27.7 million unique attendees, but Roblox didn’t reveal unique attendee numbers for Lil Nas X’s performance.

Via: The Verge