Electrical engineer creates GPS-powered smart sunglasses

Pretty clever

GPS sunglasses

Last year, electrical engineer Samson “smarchbme” March built a homemade smartwatch and now, he’s followed that up with an accompanying pair of smart sunglasses.

Interestingly, he says he got the idea from the Ferris Bueller quote about taking the time to look around so you don’t miss life. The sunglasses were soon envisioned to help with that. However, he needed to make sure that they would have accurate GPS functionality, so he designed his own iPhone app in Swift that could offer directions. With that, he could enable GPS.

In practice, the glasses flash a blue light in either the left or right eyepiece to let you know when to turn. Once you reach your destination, the glasses will shine a greenlight to point to where to turn to enter.

March says the frames are CNC machined out of bamboo, while he made his own lenses to store in them. Further, he’s made holes in the arms to store printed circuit boards and a coin battery.

You can read more on the glasses here.

Image credit: Samson March

Via: Engadget