Telus partners with mental fitness app ‘Calm’ to deliver wellbeing content

The relaxation and meditation content will be free for all Optik TV and Pik TV customers


Telus has partnered with Calm, the mental fitness app, to bring its meditation and relaxation content to Optik TV and Pik TV customers.

The content will be free for all Optik TV and Pik TV customers, and will include guided meditations, breathing exercises and bedtime stories for grown ups.

“Together with Calm, we have now made valuable mental health resources easily accessible from the safety and comfort of home and on TV at a time we know so many Canadian families can benefit from this type of support, today and into the future,’ said Juggy Sihota, the vice-president of consumer health at Telus, in an emailed press release.

Telus notes that the collaboration will enable it to provide mental health resources to Canadians as they deal with stress brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The carrier cites an Angus Reid poll conducted last month that indicated nearly 25 percent of Canadians reported being very or extremely stressed about the pandemic.

Telus says that its ‘Healthy Living Network’ on Optik TV and Pik TV is the first TV service in Canada to offer Calm content on demand to help customers live healthier.