Google commits to 100 percent plastic-free product packaging by 2025

It also aims to use recycled material in at least 50 percent of all plastic used in its hardware products by 2025

Google has announced that it’s committing to making its product packaging 100 percent plastic-free and 100 percent recyclable by 2025.

The tech giant notes that it’s already made a reduction in plastic use in its packaging since 2016, but that it still has a lot of work ahead in order to meet this new goal.

“To get us there, we need to uncover alternative, recyclable materials that will still protect our products. It’ll take partnering with our suppliers, tinkering in the lab and sharing learnings across the industry, but we’ll get there,” Google stated in a blog post.

Further, the tech giant has announced a commitment to using recycled or renewable material in at least 50 percent of all plastic used across all of its hardware products by 2025.

“Our new 50 percent commitment raises the bar well beyond industry standards. We hope this is a milestone on the path to a future where we design out waste and pollution and keep materials in use longer,” Google notes.

It also hopes to achieve a “Zero Waste to Landfill” certification by 2022. The certification means that the vast majority of waste from its operations will be recycled.

The tech giant notes that it’s invested in integrating sustainability into its products and operations, and that its new commitments are the next step.

Source: Google