Google officially ends support for Daydream VR

Google warns that Daydream may not work on some devices running Android 11

We’ve got another one for the Google Graveyard just in time for spooky season, folks. In a new update on the Google Daydream support page, the company bluntly notes the VR software “is no longer supported.”

If you find yourself trying to remember what Daydream is, we won’t blame you. Back in 2016, Google launched Daydream alongside the original Pixel as a virtual reality (VR) platform. Additionally, Google launched its own ‘View’ VR headset for use with Pixel smartphones.

A year later, Google updated thew View headset and throughout that time, apps gradually became available for Daydream. Then, many of those apps stopped getting updates or worse, the developers behind them dropped support entirely. Before long, it became clear that Google had mostly abandoned Daydream.

Last year, Google killed its Play Movies & TV app for Daydream and now it seems the company has finally gotten around to just ending Daydream entirely. That update page on the Daydream support site also notes that it won’t get any more updates and that the Daydream VR app may not work properly on some device running Android 11.

Although the Daydream View was one of the nicer VR headsets out there, sporting a similar fabric design to what Google uses for its smart home products, it definitely wasn’t the most popular. If you still use Daydream, check out the support page to see all the details on the shutdown.

Source: Google