Cobra Kai Never Dies: Season three returns January 8, 2021

Season 4 coming as well

Netflix has officially announced that season three of the hit karate show is coming out on January 8th, 2021.

This follows the release of seasons one and two, which hit Netflix on August 28th.

Netflix bought Cobra Kai as a three-season package from YouTube and the reports at the time said that the show was finished. Netflix has already aired the first two seasons that previously appeared on YouTube, and there was speculation that the new un-aired third season that was supposed to be the finale would be re-shot to create room for a fourth season.

Now that this trailer has dropped, it appears that’s true. It looks like Netflix may have re-shot some of season three because, at the end of the trailer, it says that season four is “in training.” This hints that we’re going to get more Cobra Kai in the future.

I’m a massive fan of the show, but I’m not sure how much I agree with Netflix extending what could have been a reasonably succinct series. The streaming giant has already shifted the marketing for Cobra Kai to make it seem like a teen action drama instead of a TV show more focused on the theme of balance.

Source: Netflix