Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles in its third quarter of 2020

Tesla has had a very successful year all things considered

Telsa’s latest Q3 delivery report states that the company has delivered 139,300 cars to its customers since early July.

In the previous quarter (Q2), the company only outputted 90,650 vehicles, so this quarter has been quite the improvement. This is actually the automaker’s biggest quarter for deliveries ever, beating its old record of 112,000 cars from the fourth quarter of 2019.

Tesla breaks down its third-quarter deliveries as 124,100 Model Y/3s and 15,200 Model S/X cars. It also produced a total of 145,036 vehicles within the quarter.

The company stated a few times that its goal is to deliver 500,000 cars in 2020. At this pace, it needs to build 181,650 cars in a single quarter, which doesn’t seem quite possible at the company’s current rate of production.

That said, it’s produced a total of 318,350 vehicles so far in 2020, which is already almost more than last year’s delivery total of 367,200.

Source: Tesla