Leaked Nest Home smart speaker focuses more on music than Google Home

Google's latest speaker is apparently, 'your upstairs neighbour may complain to your landlord loud'

As we near the Google launch event for the Pixel 5 and the new Nest smart speaker, it appears that almost everything regarding the new devices is pretty much out in the open.

The latest leak comes from someone who got their hands on a new Nest Audio smart speaker, and they say that the audio quality blows the original Google Home out of the water.

Beyond that, it’s also got touch control zones on the top-front-side of it. Tapping on the left and right top corners raises and lowers the volume. Tapping in the middle acts as play/pause.

The throwaway account on Reddit also mentions that the box is very heavy and that it says the Nest Audio has both a tweeter and woofer, which is promising on the audio quality front. Once they plugged it in, the bootup sound was revamped.

It makes sense for Google to update the speakers on the new Nest Audio since the old Google Home is from 2017, and Amazon has been beefing up the Echo lineup every year. The Reddit user said that the new Nest Audio even sounded comparable to the Sonos Symfonisk speakers from IKEA.

The final way that the Redditor describes the sound is as “shockingly loud for their size. Like, ‘your upstairs neighbour may complain to your landlord’ loud.” Which is pretty promising for the smart speaker.

To learn about the other items, Google plans to show off, check out our rundown of all the leaks leading up to the ‘Launch Night In’ event. 

Source: Reddit (u/throwGNestAudio)