If you want to do well on dating apps, ditch the BlackBerry and get an iPhone: study

The study notes that iPhone users get more swipes on their dating profiles, Vancouver among top cities where tech matters most

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According to a new study from ‘CompareMyMobile.com,’ iPhone users are more likely to get matches on popular dating apps.

CompareMyMobile created fake dating profiles in 15 major cities — each profile was identical except for the tech brand on display. The site says it collected data from over 50,000 ‘swipes’ — many dating apps have users swipe left and right to like or dislike people. People who ‘like’ each other get matched. CompareMyMobile says it compared the results for each tech brand against having no tech on display in a profile.

Finally, the site notes that it opened the profiles for matches from all genders and non-binary users, but says outside of male and female, it didn’t gather enough data about the impact of tech to make any conclusive statements.

With that said, let’s look at the results. CompareMyMobile notes that Apple products made people more desirable on dating sites. Those with an Apple iPhone on display in their profile were “76 percent more swipe worthy.” Those with an Apple Watch or Apple EarPods were 61 percent and 41 percent more swipe worthy respectively. It’s not clear if the study used Apple’s old wired earbuds — called EarPods — or if it used the term to refer all Apple’s earbud products, including AirPods.

Samsung users also performed well, with the South Korean tech giant’s phones making users 19 percent more swipe worthy.

On the other hand, having some phones made you less likely to get a swipe. Google phones reduced your ‘swipability’ by 10 percent and Sony phones by 14 percent. Huawei made people 23 percent less swipable while OnePlus phones reduced that to 30 percent.

However, BlackBerry devices performed the worst, making users 74 percent less swipable than someone with no technology in their profile.

CompareMyMobile also looked at age and gender. The site found tech brands impacted men less than woman. However, tech was much more likely to impact the choices of younger men in the 18-25 age range than those 26 and older.

Finally, the study looked at which cities had the most pulling power. Vancouver, Canada was the only Canadian city to rank in the top six (it placed fifth). New York came in first, followed by London, U.K. San Francisco and Los Angeles, California placed third and fourth, while Manchester, U.K. placed sixth. Interestingly, the iPhone 11 was ranked as the hottest tech for Vancouver daters.

Source: CompareMyMobile Via: Apple Insider