Zoom rolls out new filters and more background noise suppression options

It's also launching a new 'Reactions' button

Zoom icon on iOS

Zoom is rolling out several new virtual filters and effects, along with more options to adjust your audio levels and background noise suppression.

The video conferencing service now allows users to adjust the background noise suppression feature with new settings. There’s auto, low, medium and high. The different settings can be helpful based on the type of video call you’re having.

“At the low setting, soft background music can complement a yoga class or game night. The high suppression feature gives you distraction-free audio for important meetings and presentations so you can sound your best,” Zoom outlines in a blog post.

Zoom notes that it wants to make silence during meetings less awkward, and that you can now add reactions during a meeting. You can click on the ‘Reactions’ button and select a heart, laughing emoji, a thumbs up, clapping emoji or a shocked face emoji. The reaction then appears in the top left section of your panel.

Users can now also use Snapchat-like filters during video calls, such as pirate eye patches or unicorn hats. These new virtual options could be fun for young kids and virtual classroom settings.

You can now also use colour filters and turn your video black and white, pink, grey or some other colour. Users also have the option to change the brightness of their panel and the amount of skin smoothing they want.

Users can get access to these new features by upgrading to Zoom 5.2. It’s important to note that you can also choose to limit the new filters and functionalities in the Zoom web portal.

Zoom has promised that it’s going to roll out end-to-end encryption for all users, including those with free accounts, in the near future.

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Source: Zoom